The Simien range consists of several major plateaux, divided by large river valleys. The western plateau is bounded on the north and east by a massive escarpment, many kilometres long and over 1,000m high in places, and cut along its length by steep gorges.

The Simien range lies north of Gondar and to the east of the main road to Axum. The western side of the range has been designated the Simien Mountains National Park. The Simien range is one of Africa’s largest mountain ranges: many of its peaks rise above 4,000m and Mount Ras Dashen (4,620m) is the highest point in Ethiopia and the fourth highest peak in Africa.


    Historic Route – Surface

    12 Days

    In the North of Ethiopia we will discover historical cities such as Axum, Lalibela, Gondar and Bahir Dar, moving to ancient times of spirituality where the most incredible mysteries of Christianity were protected…..

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