The great Rift Valley of Africa cuts a deep and prominent lasceration in the landscape, marked by some beautiful and tranquil lakeland scenery. The Nechisar National Park is certainly a paradise for the watcher of wild animals and birds, while the anthropologist will be impatient to witness the very basic lifestyle and fascinating culture of the tribes living within the protected area of the Mago National Park around the Omo river.

In the extreme west of the country, the area around Gambella gives a very different glimpse of the country, with a varied mix of tribes inhabiting this interesting and intriguing area.

Nearly 80 mammal species have been recorded in Awash. Beisa oryx and Soemmering’s gazelle are both likely to be seen from the main road, but you need to enter the park to see most other species. Predators are seen only infrequently, but a good variety is present including lion, leopard, cheetah and hyena.

Close to 450 bird species have been recorded in Awash. Raptors are well represented and many species breed in the gorge. Water birds are abundant on Lake Beseka and at Filwoha, and the gorgeous carmine bee-eater is very common in Awash.

The Mago Park area welcomes you for a few days. Time for a humanistic parenthesis, discovering faces, traditions and villages that mark a life.
In the heart of nature, you are confronted with lifestyles far removed from your daily life: agriculture, the role of men and women, the vision of beauty and the organization of societies.

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    Historic Route – Surface

    12 Days

    In the North of Ethiopia we will discover historical cities such as Axum, Lalibela, Gondar and Bahir Dar, moving to ancient times of spirituality where the most incredible mysteries of Christianity were protected…..

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    Harar & Awash 5 Days

    5 Days

    Discovering the treasures hidden in the narrow alleyways of the walled city of Harar, with its colorful markets, countless mosques and shrines and unique Harari people and homes. …

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      North Adventure Tours

      8 Days

      Renowned as one of the most hostile places in the world, the Danakil Desert is a breathtaking natural site. A great diversity of geological phenomena coexist within this singular region and give it a surprising range of color. Trekking enthusiasts,…

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        Omo Valley Tribes

        9 Days

        The eastern and Omo Valley, in the south of Ethiopia, is home to a fascinating range of distinct tribal groups, isolated from the rest of the world for centuries and still very much following their own cultures and customs.

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